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A few days ago I had my husband to work and had waved a roll filled with soothing bath oils, and was there for about 10 minutes when I heard the doorbell rang and I ignored it, as I was having fun in the bath was then again and then the door knocker was rarely done, so I grabbed a towel around his waist and shot down and opened the door ajar dripping water everywhere and it was a big black man about giving welcome its 40 years, said the package type for Mrs. ****( can not be named here), so I opened the door a little wider, and he looked down at redtube me and told me that redtube he had since the package so it can be concluded moved aside and handed me the towel down and expose my naked body, and turned and walked toward me and pushed the door and pushed me against the wall and kissed me on the lips and tried to fight him, but he was too strong, and I gave up and agreed with his tongue explore my mouth and Ifelt his big hands on my tits black flciking my erect nipples, and he kissed them one after another and then spread their legs and rubbed my hairy pussy and I told him to climb, and I took his hand and suddenly I had pushed her back and began to undress and went ahead and gave ahand and opened his pants and no underwear when she had her black coke sprnag free and soon pulled out of his foreskin up and down to reveal her ORed fungi redtube and he raised redtube me well and lick and eat it, I sucked sweaty redtube foreigners and the room was filled with the sexy scent was so strong that I knew I almost fainted, but I wanted it inside me I turned and opened my mouth and told him to fuck me with his cane bambo so wet as easily slipped and grabbed my tits hanging out and I loved the feeling of his cock and balls filled me pounding my ass hard against cursed and swore at me and I love (the husband of shame does not) and said that moreand left soon hooked and I knew he would soon be pouring his semen in me, so I pushed him back, and soon began removing her balckseed shoicked me and I was the number and ran from the inside of my legs and I smiled and I felt like a real bitch and when he retired, still hard cock grabbed and licked and sucked her black hairy balls and was soon hard again and this time I had to fuck my mouth until my redtube mouth burst of white and then shot both dripping from the side of my mouth and my tits, but the flavor was much stronger than my hsubands I knew I was hooked cum superior. Len ( name) looked into my eyes and told me I had to finish his deliveries, but it gave me a card with his cell phone and told me that it would take to ring me later to visit him at home after that night and told me that for the first time my husband and he told me if I would go if called, I'd tell everyone, my husband. Obviously I was notw I'm your bitch, and I managed to get gangbanged next week. I felt I must be Frigga and can not wait to be fucked by him and his friends. Ladies N Think hesitate to go black you do not like the feeling is so good.
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